Jade & Crystal Health Care Products​

YLELY Group is a modern gemstone crystal processing company that caters to the ancient Chinese tradition of skin care and wellness. As a market-leading crystal health care products manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter, we are determined to offer Natural, simple and effective healthcare and skincare solutions to our valued clients.

We specialize in producing Gua sha tools, Jade facial rollers, jade masks, Yoni care products. Each of them carefully manufactured, tested, and experimented with, only after extensive plus thorough research, we launch a product to be used by customers. High quality products with excellent service, and bring good profits for traders. These are the main reasons why our wholesale Jade products are Widely acclaimed worldwide.

If you are interested in expanding your product line or starting a new business, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to meet your requirements. Customized products & package, free sample, OEM, certificate, shipping with and without tax are available.

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