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YLELY has more than 10 years experience of manufacturering, wholesaling and exporting in jade gua sha field. Through the research of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture points and meridian science, different shapes and colors of gua sha products are developed.

Our vision is to make health and beauty accompany everyone, we pursue ultimate product quality and service, not just brand effect and profit. All Jade skin care products come from 100% natural Jade or Crystal, 100% handmade. We know the importance of health deeply and have a zero tolerance for substandard products. This is the main reason YLELY has been known for top quality gua sha tools wholesale in the market.

Maybe you have doubts, I believe that when you pick up our jade gua sha tools, you will find that the original health and beauty can become so simple. If you are interested in expanding your product line or starting a new business, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to meet your requirements. Customized products & package, free sample, OEM, certificate, shipping with and without tax are available.

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